The Florals Series lasted just over a decade, from early 2012 until June of 2023. The original images were derived from photographic source material, digitally edited and combined to produce complex compositions. A drawing was made using a transfer method or projection.  Painting followed classic old master techniques, using a 22-color palette, solvents and special mediums (go to Studio Notes page to learn more), and a wide variety of high-quality specialized small brushes. Paintings were completed in daily sessions lasting from four to eight weeks from photography to actual painting to final varnish

“Paul’s  floral paintings transport you into another dimension of reality, where “stopping to smell the roses” isn’t just a suggestion but a requirement for engaging with the work. Your eyes scan over the imagery being forced in and out of focus, leaving no chance that you will mistake the most important subject matter on view.  For example, the petals often have curves and turns that are other worldly, bending in every direction more gracefully than a ballerina. And while we have all seen and marveled at beautiful flowers, it’s the permanence of Paul’s flowers that really speaks to me. They are akin to delicate porcelain sculptures in the way that they won’t wilt, fade, or lose petals in the coming days.” — Julie Weaver, artist & writer