Demonstration Videos

These video demonstrations, created by my daughter and me, illustrate how I craft an oil painting from the drawing to final highlights. An attempt is made to provide insightful commentary throughout the stages of my process. Most of the video demonstrations average 8-10 minutes in duration. I will continue to add more videos as circumstances and time allow. Check out the full high-resolution videos and please subscribe to my YouTube channel — Baldassini Fine Art.

Preparing a panel for oil painting: Mounting linen to a panel and applying oil painting ground.

Graphite paper transfer of drawing onto a prepared panel.

Underpainting demonstration using Quinacridone Magenta - Part 1.

Underpainting demonstration using Quinacridone Magenta - Part 2.

Direct overpainting demonstration Part 1 creating natural looking greens & foliage.

Direct overpainting demonstration Part 2 using three different reds to model the rose petals.

Time-lapse underpainting demonstration using Raw Umber.

Painting white rose blossoms using “piles & puddles” oil painting palette.

Adding white highlights to completed overpainting.

"Inspiration" video and discussion.