The galleries below document a body work developed over the past 50 years. Almost all of the work reflects imagery seen and noted daily in my immediate surroundings. The full-sheet pen and ink portraits and watercolor palette studies were done in the 1980s were of friends, colleagues, family, and other professionals that I worked with regularly. Most of the watercolors we’re taken from photographic reference at my local morning coffee hangout where I also sketched daily. In the 1990s I switched back to oil painting producing a series of “Old Master” large-format works based on reference material collected from numerous trips to art museums in Europe and the United States. At the turn of the Millennium, my family and I moved to CT where I soon began a series of “farm and garden” oil paintings that included tractors, fields and produce from local landscape settings. Then in 2012, I began a series of large-format highly realistic floral works based on flowers from my own or local gardens which continued up until June of 2023. Currently I have returned to what originally beckoned to me when I first moved to Connecticut – the landscape.  Since September 2023 I have begun a series of  exploratory mostly expressive and (almost) tonalist “invented” landscapes based on everyday observation of the local landscape. The works are in oil using restricted palette sets, and based on observation, eidetic memory, and some reference imagery.